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I Squished a Bug!

I wanted to go straight to love and skip over the falling. I’ve noticed I do that in all my relationships. I know how it is to act once feelings are already there, but I don’t know how to act in the process in which they grow. In retrospect I wasn’t ready for dating, and…

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Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes love isn’t a fantasy. It isn’t a storybook that you pop into and live happily ever after. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes you bite the poisonous apple and there is no prince who comes to save you. You aren’t awoken by true loves kiss. There is no knight to rescue you from your tower and…

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Dating 101

Being gay is hard. Being gay and christian is even harder. Being gay, christian, and wanting to date, is damn near impossible. Not only is it hard to meet other gay christians, it’s hard to meet other gay’s in general. Granted, I could go to West Hollywood and find them, but those aren’t the type…

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