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Birthday Wish

This past weekend I turned 25. To me, this feels crazy old. I used to think by the time I reached this age all my dreams would have come true. I would have been almost engaged (thank God I’m not), I would have been famous, and I would be filthy rich. I can tell you…

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For the Bible Tells Me So

Homosexuality is a hot topic within the Christian faith. It’s one of those issues that doesn’t like to be discussed, and when it is, is quickly shut down. It’s wrong and The Bible says so. That’s about as deep as one will get on the topic, and if you try to fight it you are…

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Dating 101

Being gay is hard. Being gay and christian is even harder. Being gay, christian, and wanting to date, is damn near impossible. Not only is it hard to meet other gay christians, it’s hard to meet other gay’s in general. Granted, I could go to West Hollywood and find them, but those aren’t the type…

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