I’ve never cruised for guys before. I remember in Australia my friend Jacqui was giving me a tour of Sydney and she drove me by a park to tell me that was the place to be at nighttime for some cruising. I laughed her off and brushed it aside because cruising is NOT my thing, but I can’t deny that something about it is kind of hot. And I will give an honest confession, if it wasn’t for STD’s and my feelings, I would be so open to casual sex. But I like to play it safe, sleep with someone I know (mostly), and seek out emotions versus physicality.

One of my fantasies and something I’ve watched in porn before is meeting someone at the gym and having a shower hook up. Someone you just lock eyes with, feel the sexual pull, and end up naked and lip-locked in the shower while the water tries to wash away all of your sins. But that always seemed so…. unrealistic. Did stuff like that just casually happen at a normal gym?

There’s a rock climbing gym in my area that I love to go to for many reasons.

  1. The men are hot.
  2. I get to rock climb.
  3. They have weights and machines for cardio and lifting.
  4. They have a nice sauna and shower.
  5. Did I mention the men are hot?

One day after a very light workout, I was sitting in the sauna with my friend Ryan and someone he had just met named Blair. As we all three sat there I couldn’t stop noticing how cute Blair was. He was short, had a tight little body, and abs that made me want to lick the sweat that was slowly dripping down them. And as we sat there I just kept staring. Maybe it was obvious but I didn’t care. It’s hard for me to sometimes peel my eyes away from the men who go there. Most of them are your typical straight masculine jock boys, and those are the ones that make me weak. They are muscular, handsome, and just goofy in their wits. I don’t know I just really like them, and I want to catch me one of those. Blair didn’t quite exactly fit that mold, but I was looking for a moment of connectivity in a gym, not a lifetime commitment.

As I was staring Blair caught my eye, and instead of looking away quickly like most guys there, held my gaze. He then gave me a slight smile with a bite of his bottom lip. I quickly got nervous and looked away. He was interested, and somehow I just found myself right in the middle of my gym fantasy.

We all started discussing cold showers and how they are beneficial when you are sitting in a sauna. Blair then got up, excused himself, and then proceeded to take a cold shower. As he walked by me he let his towel drop just enough to flash me his dick, and then he casually proceeded through the sauna door.

I immediately stood up, told Ryan I would be right back, and then proceeded towards the showers. I didn’t know which stall he went to for his shower, so I just took a guess and hoped in one next to what I thought was his. I wanted to talk to him, so I just casually said out loud, “Taking one of those cold showers?”

I’m awkward I know.

A voice then shot back at me and I knew immediately it was Blair. We proceeded to talk, and then once we got out of the showers, continued talking standing naked in front of our stalls.

I get CRAZY nervous being naked. I don’t think I have an ugly body, but I have never felt comfortable in it. I remember one time my ex made fun of the loose skin I had. Skin, which I only have, because I lost weight just to impress boys like him. When I decided to workout and get in shape It changed my body. I was stronger with pecs and abs. But I had some extra skin from the weight I lost getting to that shape. It always kind of made me self-conscious, and hearing the man I love making fun of my insecurity, made me feel horrible. But something about being in the middle of my gym fantasy just made me feel confident, and I was determined to see where this conversation was going to take me.

I stared back down at his dick and tried to not make it obvious, but let’s be honest, it was probably hella fucking obvious. He didn’t say anything about my not so casual looky lou, and then we proceeded back to the sauna. When we got inside there were more people, and this time he made it a point to sit right next to me.

As we sat making conversation with others, I put my hand down right next to his. Slowly, somewhere between straight talk with the boys in the sauna and daydreaming, I found our hands and fingers touching. We then caressed each other’s hands, and 5 minutes later both excused ourselves to the showers. We found ourselves back at the same showers, and before stepping in his stall, Blair looked at me and then pulled me in for a kiss. I could feel my erection immediately growing, and I looked down at his to find that it was also ready to duel mine. We pulled away, both afraid of someone walking up, and then proceeded into our individual stalls. This time though, we were silent.

I wanted to be in the stall with him. I don’t know what was possessing me, but I just wanted to lose my inhibitions and live out this fantasy. So as I stood there drowning in thoughts and water,  I realized had 2 choices. I could either ignore the opportunity to have a shower hook up, or jump in and just fucking do it. So I left my shower running and quickly hopped over into Blair’s stall. He smiled, pulled me in, and then we just stood there slippery and lip-locked. This was it, this was fantasy becoming reality.

We kept kissing and then I stopped. Despite the opportunity to take this all further, I didn’t want to. I didn’t need more than that kiss. That one moment where I knew for sure I could re-live a porn scenario with a stranger in a shower. Plus, I didn’t know if he had any STD’s. I hopped out of his shower and got back into mine.

When we both got out we kept talking and exchanged numbers. I invited him to sushi, since I was hungry from working out, and we both talked about our personal lives and exes over some raw fish. It was like date reversal, and it was kind of cool. I turned that shower hook up into someone who could possibly be a friend. I told him I had never done anything like that and he responded, “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t either.” I guess he’s a little wilder than I thought, so maybe not hooking up was a safe thing.

We talked sex and he said how much he had wanted me. I was into it, and maybe I will take him up on the offer so we can see where that shower would have led. But it would be kind of fun if this remained just a one time experience. If he, and the whole moment, could just go back to being a fantasy. So I ate my sushi, listened to his stories, and just began to daydream.



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  1. I loved this story, it was very intimate and real and also kinda hot. It hurt me when you told about how an ex made fun of your skin especially since I’ve just come back from the cinema where I’ve watched ‘I feel pretty’, a movie you’d probably enjoy too. Anyways, I wish I had your self-contempt not to live out the shower fantasy. I also worry about STDs, probably way too much. I’m on my way of dealing with that my own way in which I keep strict to safer sex rules I get from a local HIV center. Of course, I worry, still. But I guess it’s a process of getting to the place I wanna be. I bet when I’m there I’ll meet my next boyfriend which would make the whole process unnecessary – haha. Very nice read!

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